New Cloud Technologies

Russian developer of office applications and services under the MyOffice® brand name.

MyOffice provides a platform for collaborative document editing and storage, a mail delivery system, and a full suite of modern office applications for all popular operating systems and mobile platforms such as Windows -- starting with Windows XP -- as well as Linux, Android, iOS, and Tizen.
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Smart Camera

Developer and manufacturer of Smart Camera, an intelligent digital product that simulates human vision and permits images from around an electric train to be observed in the cab.

The innovation is designed to create a "smart electric train" by automating passenger traffic monitoring and the collection and analysis of statistical data in passenger transportation, security, and operating mechanism control.
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EXPRESS INDUSTRY, in cooperation with German train bogie manufacturer TransTec Vetschau GmbH, have developed an innovative freight wagon bogie for rolling stock that is EAEC Customs Union-certified.

Thanks to stamp welding manufacturing technology, the bogie now has improved performance characteristics (longer service life and increased time-to-overhaul).
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Device Engineering

Provides professional sustainable energy services and engineering and technical consulting and support for industrial facilities and enterprises in the fuel and energy sector.
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One of the leaders in the market of distributed generation of the Russian Federation and the CIS. The company placed into service power plants and thermal power plants with a total installed capacity of more than 2 GW.
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The MOSELECTRO Group of Companies

A dynamic, growing and innovative company of which Moselectroshield, RBC, ITs Energiia, ERA Marin and Specenergo are part. As a leading expert in the electrical equipment market in Russia and the CIS, MOSELECTRO produces world-class electrical equipment in Russia.

Years in the market— over 70.
Completed projects — over 4,000.
Sales territory - over 10 countries around the world.

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VELDE Boilers and Plants GmbH (Германия)

German manufacturer of boilers and boiler plants of high power for the production of steam and heat.
The total installed capacity of boilers in Russia and CIS countries is more than 900 MW.
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The Galaktika Corporation

Russian automation systems developer. One of the leaders in the IT market.

Thirty years of experience in creating information systems; 
Over 6,500 projects implemented; 
1000 IT-specialists;
More than 200 partners.

Galaxy Corporation products: ERP, BI, AMM, MCM, EAM, HCM, CPM, ECM corp, Mobile, etc.
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A key technology partner for Russian business leaders and government agencies. IBS has experience in implementing thousands of projects and a deep understanding of the trends in the development of information technology.

IBS is one of the leading IT service companies in Russia. The company is one of the TOP-10 leaders of the Russian market in terms of revenue, takes leading positions in consulting and customizing software, system integration, and also in the area of hosting IT infrastructure.
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Russian telecommunication and IT equipment company-developer. BULAT is aimed at the constant expansion and development of equipment and solutions, adapting the best world innovative technologies to the Russian specifics. The company has established production of high-tech devices of the latest generation: switching equipment, storage systems, solutions in the field of Internet stuff and IT infrastructure.
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Energy Efficiency Invest Eurasia GmbH (Германия)

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